• No sound please help

    Hi I’m a complete novice to Linux and have put antergos gnome on my Asus netbook it’s working well but I have no audio from built in speakers, if I use headphone jack I can get sound
    How can I resolve this issue

  • Let’s try turning it on. Open terminal and enter the following:

    amixer sset 'Master' 70% then amixer -q sset Master toggle.

    If that didn’t work, enter pavucontrol and find your laptop speakers for output.

  • Thanks for your reply, I have just tried this response to command line
    amixer : Unable to find simple control ‘master’ , 0

  • @spud2077 Did you try pavucontrol aswell? It comes with the Antergos setup. You should be able to find your laptop speakers in your output devices.

  • Yes I had already tried that it’s set to100

  • @spud2077 Did you attempt to change the output device?

  • The only options it had were built-in speakers and headphone
    I don’t know what else I can do

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