• disk partition...

    Is it normal that i have 4 partitions ?
    A : Efi partition 210MB
    B : Ext2 /boot 268MB
    C : Ext4 - 996MB
    D : Swap partition : 4.0 Gib
    Its the first time i use Antergos and i don’t now if i have done it the good way…
    Is it normal to have 4 partitions on me hard disk ?
    Thanks in advance for any advice,


  • @Mefisto said:

    Is it normal…

    Yes, it is.

    Everything is perfect with your partitions. Don’t worry.

  • Thank You very much, greetings,

  • @Mefisto Marked your topic as solved 👍 .

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  • @just Already done :).

  • Sorry, forgotten.

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