• Starting Antergos (KDE) after installing

    HI, I’m new here. I want to try Antergos because Manjaro KDE has actuelly some issues using plasma 5.3.
    But starting Antergos I run in my very first problem. Please look at the screenshot.
    I 'll take another try, burnig the iso slowly.
    (I5-4210M, geforce)

  • In grub menu, add nomodeset in the parameter. It will disable nouveau for the live iso.

  • @Wyn said:

    … It will disable nouveau for the live iso.

    But it’s a start from HD, not from live iso?

  • @semperlin Same thing for off the harddrive. Replace nouveau with nvidia drivers when you log in.

    @lots-0-logs When can we give up on nouveau?

  • @Wyn said:

    @lots-0-logs When can we give up on nouveau?

    @lots.0.logs nouveau is a disaster on Nvidia Optimus. Never use nouveau on Optimus.

    Optimus needs xf86-video-intel only. Stop.

    $ sudo pacman -Si xf86-video-intel
    Repository     : extra
    Name           : xf86-video-intel
    Version        : 1:2.99.917+519+g8229390-1
    Description    : X.org Intel i810/i830/i915/945G/G965+ video drivers
    Architecture   : x86_64
    URL            : http://xorg.freedesktop.org/
    Licenses       : custom
    Groups         : xorg-drivers  xorg
    Provides       : xf86-video-intel-uxa  xf86-video-intel-sna
    Depends On     : mesa-dri  libxvmc  pixman  xcb-util>=0.3.9
    Optional Deps  : libxrandr: for intel-virtual-output
                     libxinerama: for intel-virtual-output
                     libxcursor: for intel-virtual-output
                     libxtst: for intel-virtual-output
    Conflicts With : xorg-server<1.16  X-ABI-VIDEODRV_VERSION<20  X-ABI-VIDEODRV_VERSION>=21  xf86-video-intel-sna  xf86-video-intel-uxa
                     xf86-video-i810  xf86-video-intel-legacy
    Replaces       : xf86-video-intel-uxa  xf86-video-intel-sna
    Download Size  : 658.96 KiB
    Installed Size : 2190.00 KiB
    Packager       : Andreas Radke <[email protected]>
    Build Date     : Fri 18 Dec 2015 19:21:11 MSK
    Validated By   : MD5 Sum  SHA256 Sum  Signature

    Proprietary Nviadia drivers may be added as a 2nd step.

  • Befor writing here I have to exchange HDs in the Laptop.
    @Wyn said:

    In grub menu, add nomodeset in the parameter. It will disable nouveau for the live iso.

    I tried to write nomodeset at the beginning, next time at the end of parameters.

    The message is the same: “unknown command” 😕

  • @semperlin Highlight Start live iso (Not the fallback one), press tab, press space once, add nomodeset, press enter 👍 .

    @just Submitted issue here: https://github.com/Antergos/Cnchi/issues/520
    Add on to it if there’s anything else about the bug.

  • may be I don’t understand right. For me a live iso is a dvd. There I cannot do what you suggest.
    And when I start from HD then I found the commands “press tab”, and “press space” not usefull.

    But there is another problem I found.
    After installing Antergos KDE on a PC with AMD CPU and GPU I can reach the login. But I cannot login although the password is ok.
    May be this is the same problem within Manjaro KDE. Look here:
    and other.
    I want to try to come to the login with my Intel-Hardware. So please give me a better understanding for the solution.

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