• Antergos constantly freezes

    Hi there,
    first of all, I’m not even sure if this is really an issue with Antergos, but I’m out of ideas and honestly don’t know how to debug this. So, like the topic says my problem is that my Antergos laptop freezes between 3 and 10 times daily. I work with it so this is really an annoying issue.
    My setup:

    • Installed Antergos with Openbox
    • Using i3 wm
    • Laptop is a Lenovo T540p
    • Software is pretty standard (firefox, chromium, terminator, thunderbird etc.)

    The freezes appear every now and then without any specific thing I did. It looks like that my 2nd monitor is beeing disconnected and after a few seconds reconnected again. During this the laptop screen flickers once. When it freezes it freezes completely, I can’t use my mouse or switch to a TTY so I always have to push the power button until the power is off.
    So, as you see I can’t give you much input here. So if there’s anything that I can provide that would help you guys to help just tell me!

  • Interesting issue that you are reporting.
    I am experiencing similar issue on my end.
    My set up is not much different than yours other than that I use Gnome. I also cannot access TTY, the Menu, or anything in between.

    Speaking for myself only, it gets quite frustrating to the point that I wind up doing the same thing you mention you do. Press the Power OFF button.

    I also cannot access anything on the DE in order to stop the freezing activity. I can move the cursor, but cursor activity to activate something via the Menu, try to open a Terminal, etc… is useless.

    I strongly do NOT believe it is having some number of tabs open in the browser. That is not a valid reason as the user would be able to tell by wanting to close tabs or the browser itself if wanting to quickly experiment like that to determine if it is browser related.

    And because the cursor (in my case) is useless if trying to do something to close out the application to try to navigate out of the frozen state, pretty much identifies that it is not application related.

    Even if only file explorer is open and then the desktop becomes frozen again points to the idea that it is OS related.
    That it is NOT application related.
    I also have been thinking about how to find out what might be causing the freezing activity and I really do not know either.

  • Another interesting thing is that I only got these problems with this one laptop. I use Antergos on all my hardware (another laptop and desktop pc) and there is absolutley no problem. I let my laptop on for the whole weekend and tried to keep it busy. The lapto also runs with an i3 but also got gnome, xfce, openbox and awesome installed. My desktop pc only has gnome installed but I played some video games the whole weekend and no problems appeared.
    I suspected that it may be a problem with my second monitor, but Antergos also freezes without it being plugged in, no difference with DVI instead of HDMI.

  • I, too, am experiencing similar issues over the last month or so.
    Using the LTS kernel results in freezes which occur in a sequence of 5-50 seconds even if nothing s running (by me). For example, CPU percentage runs at 2%, freezes, comes back again at some 28%, goes gradually back to 2% again, freezes and continues in this loop. So, i stopped using it.
    Even current kernel is not trouble-free. I am experiencing screen tearings every time I fast scroll up or down, or change a video viewing to full screen.
    *I have also noticed a considerable booting time . Since I also use Ubuntu mainly as a backup and/or testing), Ubuntu loads up a lot faster lately…

  • Hi all,

    Guys… check out the logs!!! ;)

    There’s a pinned post with instructions. You should check your journal AFTER a freeze.

  • Have been waiting to reproduce this. So far, nothing. When it does, I will have a look at journalctl.
    I wonder that it might be the nouveau driver freezing and somewhere along the way it wants to go into software acceleration or something.

    Temps on this laptop are normal. There is no overclocking or any undervolting on this laptop either.
    Fans are spinning quietly, not loud when freezing occurs.

    I have the idea that starting htop in terminal and leaving it there until a freezing episode happens again and watching what if anything might happen that could result in freezing activity/behavior may or may not aid in investigation. Just a thought though.

    Until another freezing episode occurs there is not much to do other than to wait and hope one does not get frustrated enough to throw out the system.

  • I finally had a freeze a few minutes ago! Checked my journal to see that wpa_suupplicant is going nuts!

    Feb 05 11:45:31 neptun wpa_supplicant[661]: wlp4s0: Reject scan trigger since one is already pending
    Feb 05 11:45:31 neptun wpa_supplicant[661]: wlp4s0: Failed to initiate AP scan

    This goes on for about an hour with 2-3 messages per second.
    How do I fix this?

  • Please, give us your wireless chip:
    lspci -nn


  • I hope this is enough:

    04:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 [8086:08b2] (rev bb)

  • @frahm-charly

    Read something on the Internet that came from UnixStackExchange. You can try to unfreeze a foreground running application with CTRL + ALT + *
    The * is/ might be on your number set key
    See if that helps to unfreeze any running apps on your desktop. It has with mine.
    There are other key sequences that require you to use the prt sc key (in sequence with other hot keys), which I believe, unless I am mistaken, is the SysRq key.

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