• Dualboot Error after some Windows Update

    Hello guys,

    The problem is simple to be described and probably familiar to you. I started my laptop with Windows 10 and Antergos Dualboot and I had to see that Windows Update did something that killed Grub in a way that it doesn’t work anymore and I can’t access Antergos anymore. The system is full-UEFI, GPT-formatted and the partitions for all the different stuff is in place as before.
    My question is now if I can restore my Grub without completely overwriting it. I kinda like that Antergos Grubtheme(and I don’t know how to get it again) and I did some fiddling with the configfile of grub that it fit my needs. Also it’s not just a bootpriority-error because when I manually try to start grub I get into grub-rescue.

    Thanks in advance

  • http://www.supergrubdisk.org/rescatux/

    I would keep it on a dedicated USB .
    The reason being is because Wind0ze does not play nice. Ever.
    Linux? Yes. It plays nice.

  • What’s the exact problem that you’re having when using dual boot? If you can get into your boot options menu (or grub, whatever you use) than there should be a way to fix the problem.

  • If this is a RESCUE GRUB> when updating win 10 you take your grub …

    First do an ls to know where your grub

    Second all this, for example:

    set boot = (hd0, msdos4)
    set prefix = (hd0, msdos4) / boot / grub
    insmod normal

    This is all !

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