• Why do AUR Web, and deployment options appear different?

    According to https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/intellij-idea-ultimate-edition/, the current IntelliJ Ultimate Edition version in AUR is intellij-idea-ultimate-edition 15.0.2-1 which I would like to install. However, when requesting installation, it provides intellij-idea-ue-eap-

    yaourt -S intellij-idea-ultimate-edition

    Resolving dependencies…
    looking for conflicting packages…

    Packages (1) intellij-idea-ue-eap-

    Total Installed Size: 876.70 MiB
    Why is there a mismatch between the web and distribution versions of this package?

    How can I install the non EAP version 15 through package management? The Community edition being non-commercial is available in the office repository, and the version 15 is thus available.

    For reference, I’ve cross-posted this question to Stack Overflow at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34786315/why-do-aur-web-and-deployment-options-appear-different

  • Hi,

    The issue was caused by the way we packaged the EAP version. It has since been corrected. Cheers!

  • @lots-0-logs yes, that worked a treat. Thank you greatly.

    16 EAP worked well btw, just a bit bleeding edge for corporate work ;-)

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