• Off-line installation

    What’s going on I have downloaded the full dvd gnome, still the installer insists on me to be connected to the internet. is there any workaround about that? I need to update the os later not within the installation process !

  • @bonbonboi , you can t. Since the installer draws the very latest packages, it needs to have an Internet connection to proceed with the installation…

  • @anarch oh man, ok I understood still my internet connection tend to be unstable, you know that last time i was installing the os, in the middle of the installation after a lot of downloading stuff the connection get dropped , Mr Cnchi told me something wrong happened and it quit without even saying Bye!, i was looking at the screen like wtf i spent that long time just to get that result!

  • You should try again when you find a better Internet connection. In case you are wireless, try using ethernet instead… Mr. Cnchi may feel more comfortable this way…😄

  • @anarch Oh I see, but I’m curious to know, is Cnchi a male or a female? 😁

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