• Grub2 vs. Plasma

    In Antergos-Kde, from the current testing antergos-2016.01.25_x86_64.iso, the antergos-kde-setup package depends on grub2-editor one. Which, in turn, depends on grub (Grub 2) package.

    In other words, Antergos-Kde (Plasma) depends on Grub 2, for now.

    Is there a chance that the dependency will be removed, in the future? Or the DE will depend on a boot loader forever?


  • @just If @lots-0-logs agrees, I don’t see any reason for not to remove this dependency.


  • @karasu Thank you for a quick reply and for a similar point of view.

    Why to remove the dependency?

    • a DE must not depend on any specific boot loader
    • a user must be able to use any boot loader he prefers, with any DE
    • the users, who don’t need and don’t use Grub 2, must be able to remove it without compromising a DE integrity
    • the users, who don’t need any boot loader at all, must be able to obtain a completely boot loader-free environment (DE)

    I’m conscious, that some reason(s) for tightening an entire DE with Grub 2 might exist. But doing so is a logical incongruence, IMO. That leads to needless practical difficulties.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Hi @just ,

    Do not worry, we’ve removed the dependency.


  • @karasu Much appreciated, sincerelly. Thanks a lot.

  • This one to confirm the removal of Grub2 - Plasma dependency in the most recent antergos-2016.01.27-x86_64.iso . All Grub-related packages can be completely and safely removed from the installed Plasma now. Without compromising DE’s integrity.

    Three other tested DEs, fortunately, don’t even install unneeded Grub software.

    Thanks again. Very good job.

    Another note. Cnchi is extremely fast recently. It installed four DEs - Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome, Plasma - in one hour. On Wi-Fi connection. It was true with the previous 2016.01.25 testing image also. More generally, these times remain always the same for all recent installations - one hour for 4 DEs. Very good.

    In both tested images - antergos-2016.01.25-x86_64.iso and antergos-2016.01.27-x86_64.iso - Mate, Cinnamon, Gnome, Plasma work as expected, flawlessly, without a hitch. No problems at all. Excellent.

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