I have tried to follow the pretty easy steps shown in various howtos online to put my wifi adapter into AP mode. However, it fails every time.

I’m not getting any really helpful error messages in Gnome, and not sure what logfile I should be looking at for info.

Can anyone offer some pointers? I have run iw list to be sure AP mode is supported, and it looks to me like it is.

Supported interface modes:
	 * IBSS
	 * managed
	 * AP
	 * monitor

I need to do this in order to send my Roku traffic through a VPN at certain times. (Avoiding blackouts of streaming content.) As the Roku has no provision to configure a VPN, my intent is to plug into my router with ethernet, turn on my VPN, and then use my laptop as an AP for the Roku.

Any help would be appreciated!