• Kernel panic with MT MSI 790GX-G65


    I have motherboard MSI 790GX-G65. After new instalation LTS and newer kernel  4.3.3 

    which is set as the main after instalation. I used Antergos happily until update kernel 4.3.3. Show me kernel panic. OK I choosed LTS working and delete kernel 4.3.3, but after update kernel 4.1.15 wow show me kernel panic too and I must make hard restart.

    I make photo monitor: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bcskykcct8x6mu4/IMG_5198.JPG?dl=0

    Thanks you for help.

    Best regard Michal Janoušek

  • HI
    From the Arch Wiki - found under “Kernel Panic”

    Remove 'quiet' from the kernel line in GRUB

    Use e for edit when in Grub. Scroll to where it says “linux” and you should find it. Then reboot

    1. You also have to show your boot files for something like this. There is a sticky in the forums on how to post your boot files ( I would suggest a pastebin service instead for this).

    2. It is important to know what your boot files say. For all we know, maybe your init died and since the init process is systemd, well it probably died before journaling did then.

    3. Or maybe it’s a driver that is incompatible. Information like this is kind of necessary to know.

    Hope this helps to start you off with.

    But beware that once you get the ball rolling on trying to figure out what and where this kernel panic is occurring, you are going to probably have to chroot.

    So in other words, I would suggest that you read the Arch Wiki on how to chroot if you are not familiar with such a process/action.

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