• Live CD Hangs


    I’ve been trying to use the Live CD to try out Antergos Linux, but for some odd reason it will hang up within booting to the desktop less 30 seconds in. I’ve tried redownloading and reformatting the USB. Secure boot is the only thing that would affect booting the image as there’s no Legacy/CSM boot option.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated on how to resolve this.

  • Hi,

    I’ve been having the same problem installing on a Dell D600 laptop. After ages of trying different things, I realized the laptop left clicker wasn’t being recognized, so I couldn’t select wifi or click through the installer window. I had to attach an USB mouse and then I was able to go further.

    I haven’t managed to install the OS yet as I had an error near the end of the installation while checking integrity, and it fails to continue. Now I have to start again, this time I’ll try not to add too many extra s/w offered by the installer.

  • @TurtleP @domf

    I solved this problem by adding nomodeset in the grub menu.

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