Is there a way to keep the pacman log visible after applying updates in the GUI manager that is used for applying updates (what is the name of that pacman frontend tool as well?). This so i can review the upgrade notes that the author has put in the log.

I’d want to keep the “Details” window open after each run through the updates, like reviewing the pacman output when running ‘pacman -Syu’.

Is there a setting for this somewhere?


Coming from Arch for a few years, I meticulously reviewed pacman’s output during each and every update looking for upgrade notes. I also subscribe to Arch’s twitter stream for critical update notes.

Needless to say, I’ve done quite a lot of diffs and followed the package author’s advice and have never had issues.

New to Antergos, I really admire the package manager frontend. I always did things command line and this makes this much easier.

But, I am missing update notes and changes from the authors. Especially with the AUR packages and changes (then again, I should be researching each AUR package before an upgrade anyways).

I would like to continue to use the GUI frontend used by Antergos for updates using pacman and alike. But, I need to review the output after it updates.