• Problem with google talk plugin

    Ok, i have the next problem. I try today talk with my brother through google hangouts; i installed google talk plugin from AUR and so all is well.
    I send a call to my brother and the couldn’t see me, and i couldn’t see he. Ok, same but back, he call me and i couldn’t see he and he couldn’t see me. Ok.
    I try to see he by skype, i didn’t want install skype but i want talk to my brother about Linux.
    So, he show me his screen and i can see me in his hang out without any video or sound, a square with my name aside his square his video, but i can see him, nor listen it.
    I don’t know why happen this, in Ubuntu all was well, i prefer hang out indise skype in linux but today i find hang outs very bad.

    Can anyone help me? If anyone want’s i put this in spanish. Thanks.

  • curious to see what type of plugins you have running in Chrome? Head to ‘chrome://plugins’ in a new tab to take a nosey. Click the ‘details’ option in the far right hand corner to reveal extra options, including disable/enable toggles, build type (NPAPI or PPAPI) and grant ‘always run’ permission.


  • Yes, i have, and he can see me through Skype.

  • Sorry. We must have been texting at the same time that I was editing my post earlier. Please read as there may be some info relevant to what yu are lookiing for.


    This package shows up on the list of packages that need to be rebuit after the recent switch to C++ dual ABI.
    Since this package seems directly based on Google binaries this might need to be escalated with Google if that wasn't done already.
  • Sorry, but, i don’t like chrome, so, i have Opera and Firefox. So, i had to install google talk plugin for able use hang out in Firefox.

    @Modisc So, have we wait for the new revision?

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