• Breeze and breeze dark wrong behaviour

    Hi, everybody.
    Today I installed Antergos on Virtualbox and selected KDE as desktop environment, just to test Plasma 5.
    When I changed the default theme (Breeze) to Breeze Dark, I found an issue affecting both themes when changing from one to the other: when I changed to Breeze Dark for the first time, the task bar didn’t change it’s color to black (it kept showing it’s ‘Breeze’ color). Then, I changed the theme back to Breeze, just to find that this time the task bar’s color changed to ‘Breeze Dark’. This ‘alternating behaviour’ was temporary corrected when I rebooted the system; but it showed again when I changed the theme one more time. I have two screenshots showing the issue, but it seems files can’t be uploaded here.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

  • @rgnodev it happened to me with a KDE installation. Breeze themed didn’t change completely between light to dark. However a restart is not required. You should be reapplying the theme twice. It solved the issue for me. Definitely a bug, bug atleast there is a workaround.

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