• System Suspends far too often

    Been using Arch a few years, gone through a few dozen installs it seems like across 4 devices… Antergos is a BIG WELCOME to automating the installation! THANK YOU! The entire house is almost now completely on Antergos! (27" iMac Retina and Surface 3 giving me some grief, almost done though).

    Now that I’ve buttered ya up…

    I have an annoying problem after installing Antergos on two systems: the system will ‘suspend’ during odd actions of using the system. Here are some examples:

    • Within Gnome and selecting “Log Out”, the system goes into Suspend immediately.
    • When only “Blank Screen” is set in Gnome, the system goes into Suspend when the screen blank timeout occurs.
    • Disabling all timeouts, screen blanks, etc - the system will still go into standby sometime in the middle of the night.

    Another annoyance that happens 1/2 the time when it wakes up from any of the above actions:

    • When waking up from Suspend, sometimes it goes right back into Suspend a few seconds later. Waking up a 2nd time stays awake.

    I’ve noticed when this happens, the first time I “wake it up” the screen is not locked - it immediately shows my desktop and I can move the mouse… until it suspends again. On the 2nd wake up, now the screen is locked with GDM’s lockscreen/signin.

    This may be an indication that I have two services attempting to “suspend” the system. But, i can’t seem to find what is triggering them in the logs.

    I’ve used dconf-editor and modified:

    • org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power sleep-inactive-ac-timeout 900
    • org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power sleep-inactive-ac-type blank

    Which is suppose to “blank the screen.” But instead, it forces the system into sleep.

    If I change this to “Nothing” and set the timeout to “0”, the system stays awake but still goes into suspend in the middle of the night sometime.

    I have removed “Light Locker” thinking that was the blame; but, it doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

    I should note that I had to remove lightdm and install GDM instead, to use with Gnome. This is because of its touchscreen, onscreen keyboard and PIN ability - which goes well with our tablets. I recall GDM having some power settings; but, i can’t seem to find them - or at least, any that are enabled.

    Again, I think I have two competing suspending solutions with a default Antergos install. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Just a thought, check that you’re not using light locker…

  • @karasu said:

    Just a thought, check that you’re not using light locker…

    Maybe u were posting this as I was editing the post above… :+1: …to say I had already removed Light Locker earlier. That’s not the cause of this.

    Unless Light Locker’s removal script leaves behind some artifacts, like a systemd service.

    $ grep -rni “light” /usr/lib/systemd/system/*

    Didn’t show anything named Light Locker or anything.

    I think it’s GDM but I haven’t been able to find any settings for it.

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