• GNOME 3.18 on Wayland

    So, here are my impressions after a 2-month GNOME 3.18 on Wayland transition. It might not be 100% ready but it works just fine for my everyday use on my oldish laptop.
    Two (minor) inconveniencies are:

    1. The Turn off display gnome extention I use is not compatible, so I cannot turn it off whenever I want it to (got used to power managment settings again). and
    2. The pamac icon doesn t show (I get notified via the system notification center, though)
      One (minor again) gain is that I can now see the Viber icon in my panel.
      I am really looking forward to seeing what further improvements GNOME 3.20 will bring!
  • Speaking for myself, what I do not like about Gnome 3.18 is the books. Kind of useless to me as the app does not allow me, at lease insofar as I have been able to determine, to add books. Whether ebooks or some other.
    I would prefer for the app to allow me to add subjects to it.
    I have .PDF on disk, ebook in for form of .mobi, but no offer/ option to add.
    Nor does this Gnome books, search automagically, for said files on disk. Hmmm…
    certainly hope it is improved upon on the next Gnome.

  • I honestly love that Gnome has an option for Wayland and can’t wait for the same to happen with KDE. It all seems to be in the woodworks and KDE’s already teasing a recent ISO released demonstrating its capabilities with Wayland. I went distro-hopping and this is what I got.

    Gnome Wayland Experience:
    Pro = Picked up my 1080p resolution
    Pro = Smooth transitioning
    Pro(?) = Battery 2 1/2 Hours (Wayland didn’t affect it)
    Con = Some programs didn’t work
    Con = Lost my mouse and taskbar at times (had to log out/in to fix)
    Con = Gnome Extension support
    (^^ This is more of a personal con as some extensions don’t get updated and don’t work on newer releases.)

    The battery life actually led me to XFCE
    Pro = Battery 3 Hours
    Pro = Functionality
    Con = TEARING (changed compositer fixed it a little)
    Con = 1366x768 (X11 doesn’t see my display right)
    Con = No foreseeable future with Wayland

    And now I’m on KDE5.
    Pro = Customizable without Gnome Extensions
    Pro = Looks sleek (not tablet-ish)
    Con = Battery 2 1/2 hours (seriously where is my 1/2 hour going :( )
    Con = Still at 1366x768 (even with Wayland installed?)
    Con = No dropdown for Wayland…yet.
    Anyways maybe I’ll be back to Gnome 3 if KDE doesn’t roll out better Wayland support in the near future. ;) Until then looking forward to 3.20!

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