• Fresh install KDE terminal -rs not working

    Been searching around and haven’t found and answer to this yet, but when I try to remove a program using terminal (Example: Firefox) it can’t find a specific path.

    sudo pacman -rs firefox
    error: failed to initialize alpm library
    (could not find or read directory: s/var/lib/pacman/)

    Not sure on this one lol.

  • @linuxhelmet In reading your post, I see that you inadvertently used the incorrect case for “Removal”
    In order to eliminate the obvious first, the problem may stem from that.
    The correct letter case for " Removal" is:
    sudo pacman -Rs the-name-of-your-program
    sudo pacman -rs the-name-of-your-program

    man pacman will have the guide for you

    Also, what is “s” in s/var/lib/pacman/ Is that a seperate hard-drive? If so, may have relevance to fstab
    When you have the error alpm library it is to refer to a database error.
    I have no idea if this works, but try sudo pacman-db-upgrade

  • Welp, time to get off the computer for the day! Yes, you answered my question all over capitalization error. Thanks!

  • No problem @linuxhelmet
    Don’t forget to mark your thread as solved if this has helped you. :)

  • Just found that button too! User Error Ahoy!

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