• when antergos will release kernel 4.4 LTS ?

    its already released ? is it not stable enough for arch ?

  • Long answer:
    Arch releases a new iso each month that may or may not contain the newest kernel. This is when all their new stuff gets rolled into a nice neat package for the end user. The kernel itself has been out for a week and a half now so more than likely the Arch devs are working hard to find if the kernel is stable enough to run without breaking everything. If you want the kernel however you can build it yourself and have it NOW (if you’re up to it):

    https://www.kernel.org/ and https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernels

    Short answer:
    Ask the ARCH devs directly!

  • @Sam-N

    LTS comes directly from the Arch repo’s. Antergos does not hold it back.

  • @Wyn dont have 4.4 in arch repo. tried yaourt -S linux. same kernel version 4.3.3 found.

  • 4.4 should be available by the end of January, as far as I am reading.

  • @Sam-N Arch hasn’t moved 4.4 out of the testing repo. Stable has been already marked out of date.


  • Always thought of Arch as being THE bleeding edge distro but I am also running OpenSuse Tumbleweed & had 4.4 running for a couple of weeks now.

  • @Uzi manjaro got kernel manager to try diffrent kernels. linux mint too.

  • @Uzi , not “bleeding edge”, but “cutting edge”. The latter is…more patient.😆

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