• Dual screens - Safest, cheap card option? (Not for games)

    I’m not very experienced with setting up Linux video, but I really want to get 2 screens running with digital (HDMI/DVI) connections. Using only one screen is so '90s…

    Googling brings up a lot of complex information all over the place, which I am hoping is largely ‘the bad old days’ and a lot is simpler now…
    I am a bit lost.

    Can anyone recommend what is the simplest, Linux-friendly, not-hideously-expensive option to get 2 Digital video outputs under Linux?
    And that plays nice with all Antergos desktop environments (If that is even a variable…)

    I have a large case, a few PCI slots spare, and a PCIe 2.0 slot I think. (Can confirm details if necesssary)
    I am thinking a single card (PCIe?) with 2 digital outputs is probably the way to go, though some cards cannot drive both outputs at the same timer I read.

    Hardware that is easy to source is highly desirable. Used is fine, even preferable.

    I’d probably prefer a fanless variety if that is possible. I may be asking too much at this point, I know…

    Thanks for any help, as I am a bit lost in the forest on this!


  • http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102882

    You can use this card HD 5450, is very cheap and can kick ass in desktop envoirement. Can handle dual screen, BUT one screen MUST be connected through vga, I mean -> Your principal monitor (HDMI OR DVI “only one of 'em”, and your secondary screen through VGA.

    In case that you don’t like it you will have to spend more money to get a decent graphics card that accept dual dvi or hdm or more connections, i recommend you to buy a more expensive GPU, cause you can use it for more time, nowadays those GPUs under 100 (HD 5450 only cost 40 or less) are only for temporal functions.

    Can you share your PC specs, we could help you better

  • I’ve picked up a used Nvidia Quadro NVS 295 for $20 on eBay. Very low-end, but hopefully can drive 2 screens OK (With some $2 Display Port adapters from eBay).

    So will Arch/Antergos just auto-detect this when I plug it in, or do I need to install the right drivers before I plug it in?

    As a Linux video noob, I have no idea on the normal sequence of things doing this upgrade.

    P.S. Thanks for the links. A GT 720 may be my next stop if I’ve wasted my first $20. GT 720’s are getting close to AUD$100 down here in Australia.

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