• When will antergos/arch get the 4.4 kernel?

    I’m hoping it will let me run my skylake processor/intel graphics without messing with parameters

  • Long answer:
    A new iso from arch gets released each month, so it could be anytime between now and next month if they choose to upgrade between then.
    It’s been a week and a half since 4.4 has been released so more than likely it’s still up for testing to see if it will even function without breaking everything.
    You can however build it if you would like and have it right NOW…(if you’re up to it)

    https://www.kernel.org/ and https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernels

    Short answer:
    Ask ARCH devs!

  • Arch/Antergos just got the 4.4.5 kernel today via the official repos :)

    Now we wait for the 4.5 kernel when that releases sometime this month, if I am reading kernel.org correctly.

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