• When I lock screen and log back in, the background image is heavily distorted. I have to change wallpaper for issue to be fixed.

    This is what my background wallpaper looks like after locking Antergos (running GNOME 3.18), then logging back in again:
    0_1453144945650_Screenshot from 2016-01-18 11-18-57.jpg

    Changing the background fixes it, but is there a way to permanently fix the the background wallpaper after I log back in?

  • suffering from the same affliction on multiple boxes all running skylake and nvidia. did you ever figure this out? its pretty annoying.

  • Same here. On ivy-bridge CPU and nvidia gfx-Card. If i quit any Game my Background looks exact like this… Need to change the Background ever again :D
    This is the only annoying thing atm…

  • Just a shot in the air. What theme are you using? If not the default Adwaita, try switching to it (you will have to restart the session afterwaeds to make it take effect).

  • @anarch i’ve using Adwaita theme, gnome-icons, all default Gnome things…
    I have tested around with other themes, but no change :/

  • @anarch I have the same issue and it is current. I use a wallpaper extension that pulls from desktopper and it saves the previous 10 used in a list. All I have to do is hover the mouse over a few at it goes back to normal.

  • @anarch still a very current issue. also tried different themes before posting here… same result.

  • Gyus, I have not replied so far (I last commented a month ago) because I m not experiencing this issue.
    Take into account that I have long ago switched to GDM instead of lightDM, so this may be a reason why. I will try with lightDM and if I can confirm this I will let you know.
    I cannot confirm it in either DM…

  • I get this same issue. A tip to make it a little more bearable:
    instead of resetting your wallpaper when it happens, hit Alt + F2, then type “r” and hit enter.

  • @Buns not more bearable. reload causes all open windows to resize. extremely painful for guys like me that use up to 4 monitors… i think its bs they wont just fix this with as many people starting to run this chip set, but the bearable solution is similar to your suggestion. except…

    echo '#!/bin/bash' > /bin/b; echo 'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background color-shading-type "solid"
    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background secondary-color "#000000"
    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background primary-color "#000000"' >> /bin/b; chmod 755 /bin/b

    then Alt +F2 and b
    resets your background… .doesnt resize your windows.

  • Same issue here with a fresh install of Gnome.

  • I had a similar issue with Manjaro XFCE when installing with the open source driver and then switching to the ATI proprietary driver with the MHWD utility. The open source driver didn’t do it. Each time I would lock the screen it would get worse until I couldn’t see anything.

  • @Shryp
    I installed with the Nvidia driver. I never had any luck with the open source driver.

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