• Antergos Asus UX305CA

    Any people have Antergos running on an Asus UX305CA? Looking for a new laptop and like this model but have heard there have been issues with Linux and the new Skylake CPU’s.

  • I have it running on the Asus UX305FA which has the Broadwell CPU. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two is the CPU. Either way I don’t think you will get the brightness or airplane mode function keys working by default (it’s an ASUS driver issue that’s been fixed and under testing before being pushed into the kernel).

    As far as Skylake support goes, I think I read that Intel video support for Skylake has been enabled by default as of kernel 4.3. Keep an eye on Phoronix for updates on Skylake support. It’s being incorporated into the kernel quickly from what I can tell. There is a reddit thread on this particular laptop as well.

  • Thanks for the info @softvision. How’s the Core m CPU treating you? Does it handle most tasks you throw at it pretty well?

  • Yes, it does the job for me. I use it for web development, surfing the web and watching videos mainly, no gaming whatsoever. I haven’t had the need to run a virtual machine on it yet, so I can’t speak for that. 8 GB RAM should be helpful if I ever needed to run a VM.

    I had Fedora on it until a few days ago which was pretty good, but I wanted to come back to Arch. I’ve already got enough experience with installing Arch and I wanted to save time on configuring an encrypted hard drive setup (LVM on LUKS), so Antergos was perfect for me.

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