• Update package manually, will it still auto update in future?

    If I use pacman -U downloaded.package.tar.gz to install a package will it all still work properly when a new version of said package becomes available through the repos and I do an update through the update manager?

    Specifically I am thinking about updating my Nvidia driver manually as the new (hopefully bug free) version I need is currently in testing and whilst looking at the package online I realised I could download the latest version of it rather than continue to wait for it to come out of testing.


  • Hi,

    Antergos packages end with pkg.tar.xz

    And the answer is that if the package has the same name, yes, pacman will try to update it.


  • Thought I would just post how it went, I downloaded the nvidia package (361.18-2) and had to download a couple of extra packages (nvidia-utils, and linux 4.4) downloaded those packages and installed all fine but on restart got a black screen. Not sure what it was and had to power off my machine multiple times. I tried disabling the graphics to boot to a command line (can’t remember the option I tried) but that didn’t work and after some faffing with a live cd discovered that the powering off I did killed my SSD :(

    Luckily for me it was practically brand new and I could return it without any quibbles and I had the data on a seperate HDD so was down only for a couple of days. I am not sure if upgrading the linux kernal was a good idea and is probably what caused it, I have later found out I could have downgraded the kernal version which might have saved the repeated power offs but I am not going to try this again, for a while anyway.

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