• Basic differences between Antergos and Ubuntu

    Hey everyone,
    I’m new to this and installed Antergos yesterday in a VM. Could you tell me, what are the basic differences between Antergos and Ubuntu? I hope that question is not too stupid. Thanks.


  • @swarmchaos : Ubuntu is a everybody get everything distro, Antergos is a installer for using Archlinux a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.

  • Hey Max,
    I would add that Ubuntu is released on a 6 month release schedule and Antergos/Arch is a rolling release. Every 6 months Ubuntu changes/updates/adds/removes/tweeks and the user can upgrade to that new version or do a full install of the new release. Antergos/Arch are updated on the fly. Your packages are kept fresh and secure almost in real time with the developers work. You will never have to wait for the next version, because Antergos/Arch is constantly being updated to the newest packages. Also, there are some that will say Ubuntu and other non-rolling releases are more stable. My experience is that as long as you are mindful of what you do, Antergos/Arch is extremely stable. Check the documentation before you update. Watch the forums and mailing lists. It’s really a simple process that will keep a lot of problems from happening.

  • Yes, the basic difference is Arch Linux and Rolling Release, and Antergos will be stable but rolling release have the unestability disvantage. It’s a great work for Antergos have the hability for a good stability.

  • Thanks for your help! :)

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