• How to tell if a package is going to take a long time to build?

    So I wanted to try out Chrome, used the package manager and found google-chrome, for whatever reason this opens but I couldn’t navigate to any pages, seemed to have trouble displaying anything I entered as the url, sort of like top bit was a white square, tried to navigate to another tab and noticed it wasn’t refreshing the render area for a webpage, looked kind of glitchy. I’m not sure if this is a common thing or due to the fact I’m in the middle of setting up VGA passthrough or something else.

    I wasn’t in the mood to try figure it out so I thought I’d just grab chromium instead, saw chromium-gtk3 and figured that would support the theme I’m using better and chose that. It took about 20 minutes or so to download everything and it’s been going for I don’t know maybe over an hour building the packages, it’s at about 9000/18000ish packages?(can’t see what the labels for each columns were). There doesn’t appear to be a way to stop this and the CPU usage is having an impact on using the system, I wasn’t aware it’d take this long to build/install. I’m using the UI/app instead of terminal.

    Will updates also take this long or is it just the first time building this?

  • “install: error writing ‘/tmp/yaourt-tmp-pola/aur-chromium-gtk3/pkg/chromium-gtk3/usr/lib/chromium/chromium’: No space left on device”

    / 51.5GB, 7.8GB used.
    /home 51.5GB, 11.8GB used.
    Memory: 11GB(70%) of 16GB used.
    Swap: 1GB(13%) of 8GB used.

    Not sure where all the RAM is being allocated, I’ve only got 800MiB listed for firefox and 125MiB for Gnome-shell as the largest processes, I guess they belong to another user like root? I have QEMU VM running but that only had 2GB allocated to it. I’m assuming these figures exclude the usage of memory/storage used to build the package but that’s insane :| How do I not have enough resources to build one app? Was an incredibly long wait for nothing :(

  • Hi, most packages will not take very long to build, however there are many that do and chromium is in that category (all web browsers will take ages to build from source). What is your use case for wanting to build chromium from source? Perhaps its not necessary? If you want to build it anyway, you can edit set the build directory somewhere outside of /tmp so its not stored on RAM. The build will go even slower, but you wont run out of memory:

    BUILDDIR="/path/to/directory" makepkg -s
  • I agree with lots.0.logs… if you’re fine with “standard” chromium it makes no sense to build it.

  • @lots.0.logs I wasn’t aware it was going to be built or take that long. I was just using the Package Manager UI, searched Chrome I think, tried google-chrome(that render issue turned to only happen every now and then, restarting Chrome fixes it), then after the bad experience thought to try Chromium, saw the gtk3 package and thought that would be better suited for Gnome. I didn’t see any way to cancel it once it started though. I’m guessing if I just chose Chromium package it was a binary and would have been much better? Might try it later to see if it’ll integrate with the theme unlike google-chrome.

  • Yeah, you should use the chromium package from the official repos. It is what you need. For future reference, any package that comes from the AUR will be built from source (generally speaking–there are exceptions of course).


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