• Psensor - how to show Nvidia GPU temperatures?

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    I built/installed Psensor, which the program seems to work more than fine, but it isn’t showing the temperatures for both my Nvidia 980ti graphics cards. Is there a package I need to install or something I can do to get psensor to show the GPU temps?

  • @jesse.dubord Take a look at Nvidia GPU Temperature Indicator by baco. Simple and efficient.

    I’m not a Gnome 3 user.

  • Thanks for the reply @just . For a few specific reasons I need a graph showing the GPU temp and need to be able to see it in fahrenheit. Psensor works tackles this brilliantly, but unlike installing it on Ubuntu, installing it on Antergos didn’t show the GPU temperature out of the box.

  • It looks like, in the providers window, the GPU proprietary driver boxes are greyed out… but they are checked. Not sure if that means they’re disabled and unavailable, or unchangeable BUT enabled.


  • Also, the package that seems to help Psensor to see the nvidia gpu is package libxnvcttrl. Is’t versionis 352.-something, while the Nvidia driver I’m running is version 358.-something. Would that possibly have anything to do with it? Would it only work on 352 proprietary driver?

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