• GNOME 3.18 "Program Loading" icon in top bar is distorted (video example)

    See video for example: https://youtu.be/hz4pddlCFk0

    When I run a program, the loading icon in the top bar (next to the “Activities” button) is distorted.

    Is there any way to fix this?

  • @jesse.dubord Hi man. How are you?
    I have the same “bug”, and i say “Bug” because i think that the proposal of these distorted icon is these: give the idea that the program is loading; so, i think that antergos won’t change this animation.

    But, i don’t know, @developers maybe can say us more about this.

  • I’ve noticed the same, never noticed that it was a spinner graphic, just looked like a garbled mess. Presumably that graphic is rendering a spritesheet, a series of frames for an animation. If that’s the case it looks wrong because the area for the frame it’s meant to copy from is offset wrong.

    If you’re not familiar with this type of rendering technique, it’s usually a sequence of images from left to right sometimes with rows for longer animations. The sequences frames are traditionally all the same width/height giving you a nice grid with x/y offset. The renderer looks at x,y for top left with width/height to sample a rectangle of the full image file(Spritesheet) and then offsets x/y for the next frame to render.

    If I knew where to look for the code handling this and the spritesheet file I could probably try and fix it :) Assuming I’m correct with the method being used.

  • @jesse.dubord said:

    When I run a program, the loading icon in the top bar (next to the “Activities” button) is distorted.

    It depends on the Gnome Shell theme used. The spinning loading icon is distorted with most themes:

    The icon is not distorted and is displayed correctly with only two themes:

    I’m not a Gnome3 user.

  • @just That’s unfortunate, though as mentioned I’m more than happy to look at it and try fix it if someone can point me to the specific theme code. I’ve got alot of learning going on at the moment so taking the time to look for this myself isn’t a priority.

  • @just Man, what’s ROSA? :D

  • Thanks for the replies all. So, the issue is with GNOME 3 and the themes itself, but the burden of correction falls on the theme-makers I assume? So it seems the solution is to wait for the theme developers to update their themes to be compatible with the most recent GNOME version.

    I believe that answers the question, so I’m marking this question as “Solved” being that it’s been answered. :)


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