• how to fix the update error " file is empty, not checked".

    after updating pacman i get this error

    ldconfig: File /usr/lib/libbsd.so.0 is empty, not checked.
    ldconfig: File /usr/lib/libbsd.so.0.8.1 is empty, not checked.
    ldconfig: File /usr/lib/libbsd.so is empty, not checked.

    how i can fix this ?

  • What you do when you get into a situation like this is determine who/what process/app/lib files, etc… owns these files.
    pacman -Qo libbsd.so.0
    pacman -Qo ibbsd.so.0.8.1
    and the other one too to find out who/what process/app/lib files owns those.

    Can re-install them. Probably wound up being corrupted or something. It might even just be a trivial package. So can prob ignore it…depending of course. But do the checks and post output.

    Please use correct coding when putting output from terminal to forum post as it makes output quite a bit easier to read. There is a sticky in the forums here on coding tags.

  • @Modisc this is what i get.

    $ pacman -Qo /usr/lib/libbsd.so.0
    error: No package owns /usr/lib/libbsd.so.0
    $ pacman -Qo /usr/lib/libbsd.so.0.8.1
    error: No package owns /usr/lib/libbsd.so.0.8.1
    $ pacman -Qo /usr/lib/libbsd.so
    error: No package owns /usr/lib/libbsd.so

  • If is says that there are owners of them.
    you can remove them, then.
    man pacman

  • This issue is still present. I ran into this bug last Friday.

    I was using Pamac, the graphical update application of Antergos. I think not all updated packages during this update process were affected but libs for the following packages were “empty” with a size of 0 KB afterwards:

    • mutter
    • usbredir
    • rhythmbox

    Since mutter is Gnome’s window manager, I didn’t get to the log-in screen anymore and the display stayed black after a reboot. Fortunately, no more important libs were affected and the system booted regulary that I could use another TTY to fix the problem.

    Because mutter and usbredir are dependencies for other packages, re-installing needed a little trick.

    This is how I fixed the problem for mutter:

    sudo pacman -Rd mutter --assume-installed mutter
    sudo pacman -S mutter --force

    The force option in the second command was necessary because some files were still exisiting, even after uninstallation.

    Then I did the same for usbredir and rhythmbox. After a reboot everything was fine.

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