• Mount additional SSD partition?

    I have a data partition I created prior to Antergos installation with gparted. I can see it in the file manager under Other Locations with the label I gave it data and mount point /dev/sda4. I’d like to have it show on the sidebar like when external drives are plugged in if possible.

    My issues are that it’s ownership is root, how can I gain write access? I’ve looked at the partition vs my Antergos /home partition and as this is an SSD I think I should be adding some extra mount options like noatime discard? I’ve not edited fstab before, does this Gnome app Disks provide a UI that modifies that? It has the partition set to Auto Mount.

  • @pola Which filesystem is using?

  • @karasu EXT4 for everything. Bar the ESP boot partition which is FAT32.

  • Hi,

    Then you must change your folder and files permissions if you want to be able to modify them with your user.

    Instead of giving you a command, I’ll share with you a wiki page:


    But if you have any doubts, feel free to ask here again, of course!


  • @karasu I’ve still not been able to get any feedback on the mount options for the partition being on a SSD here or on my reddit thread. Someone suggested mounting with udisks2 which I’ve noticed installed, I haven’t tried this, not quite sure what the benefit is over editing fstab?

    I’ve verified that the Gnome Disks app does modify the fstab file adding/modifying entries there. I’m not sure what this lost+found folder is which has 0 items, I understand the one in / but there doesn’t appear to be one on my other partition /home. In the file manager it had a red X icon over it originally with ? items and noted as unreadable. I formatted the partition with the Gnome Disks app, the folder is still there and unreadable but states 0 items. Ownership of this folder alone is root the rest is Me. I’m told 1.8% of the partition is used but there is no data there?

    Prior to the format I had the fstab entry and the partition mounted, no write permissions. fstab entry hasn’t changed besides the new UUID:
    UUID=b0970df4-db1b-4934-b19d-cf470a3750f4 /mnt/data ext4 defaults,rw,noatime,discard 0 0 , I’ve copy/pasted the mount options from /home .

    Should I run chown root /mnt/data to fix ownership? I’d like to be able to read/write/execute anything on the data partition regardless of user account or current distro. chmod o=rwx /mnt/data seems right? I don’t have any files on the partition atm so no need to use the find command. What happens when I copy files over to it or create them as my user without sudo? I’ll be labelled as the owner right? But will the permissions not be rwx for everyone unless I chmod them afterwards? Is setting up ACLs or something else better in this case?

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