• mate-mint-menu update request

    Would it be possible to update the mate-mint-menu package from the current 5.6.6-1 to a newer 5.6.6-2 version?

    The reason for the request is that mate-mint-menu 5.6.6-1 works, but has two minor issues:

    • the Preferences dialog doesn’t open
    • the About dialog returns an error and doesn’t open

    As reported here, both issues are fixed in mate-menu 5.6.6-2. It was verified by removing antergos/mate-mint-menu 5.6.6-1 and installing aur/mate-menu 5.6.6-2. The updated package is fully functional and has no two mentioned issues.

    mate-mint-menu 5.6.6-1 is currently available in [antergos] repo:

    $ yaourt -Q mate-mint-menu
    antergos/mate-mint-menu 5.6.6-1

    mate-menu 5.6.6-2 is currently available in [AUR]:

    $ yaourt -Ss mate-menu
    community/mate-menus 1.12.0-1 (mate mate-gtk3) [installed]
        MATE menu specifications
    aur/mate-menu 5.6.6-2 (2)  -- updated version
        Advanced menu for MATE Panel, a fork of MintMenu

    Whenever possible, prefer to use [antergos] packages to those from [AUR].


  • Hi,

    The last digit of the version for pacman packages is not part of the package’s upstream version. It is used by package maintainers when they need to make a change to the pkgbuild but keep the same upstream source version. I assume that the reason the AUR package works is due to some patches that aren’t included in our package. I will review the patches and if they are okay I will apply them to our package as soon as I have some time to do it. Cheers!

  • @lots.0.logs Thank you very much for rebuilding the package.

    mate-mint-menu works without a problem now. Everything is fine.

    $ yaourt -Q mate-mint-menu
    antergos/mate-mint-menu 5.6.6-2

    Thanks again.

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