• EasyTag report bug

    Hi guys, i want report this bug here because i don’t know how do it in gnome.

    Ok, the bug is that if you install easytag these add his mimetype in all sides, inode desktop include. This is a problem because ever that you open any folder inside of open nautilus, it open easytag, ever open this.

    Shure, you can solve this editing mimetype config file, but every time you restart gnome session the mimetype file ever rewrite or refresh and you lose this solution.

    I don’t know why happen this, so, i want report this bug. For now i remove easytags.

    Thank you :D

  • Have you tried editing your ~/.config/mimeapps.list and added inode/directory=nautilus.desktop to it? Thats what I had to do. I still have easytag installed and I have no more issues.

  • Yes, i change the mimeapps.list but each time that i init gnome session these file restart itself, deleting my changes.

    Unsolved yet.

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