• lethe install (deep freez like)

    i want to install lethe is an application that can freeze systems, it’s an instant freeze not like deja-dup or systemback or… i like it, i can install lethe in ubuntu ,i try to convert with alian but i have many errors…
    please help !

  • @louati.mohamedamine.aiesec said:


    Hi, It doesn’t appear that anyone has created a PKGBUILD for that application yet (since its not available in the AUR). I see that the application has not been updated since 2013 which is probably why its not available on Arch. Sorry!

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  • @lots.0.logs Thx :smiley:
    it has not been updated for years but it’s important for me because i can test any package without real install just a shadow in the hard drive and after reboot my system is clear :), i search AUR repos for a similar system application but i don’t find like it, i use a 32-bit application ,if you know how to install it ,please give me instructions or how to transfer to AUR and i can install it after that


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