• Home Partition Inexplicably Full

    I’m currently running Antergos on a root partition of 50 GB and a separate home partition of 99 GB. For some reason, I keep getting the low space warning on my home partition. Apparently I only have around 3-5 GB free. When I look at my home partition using GParted it says that 94 GB of the 100 GB has been used, yet when I look at the properties of /home folder, it says that only 21 GB has been used. What is making up the mysterious 70+ GB of used space? I’ve emptied the recycle bin.

    Any ideas what could be causing this anomaly?

  • Hi,

    Please post the output of the following commands:

    sudo df -h /home
    sudo du -h -s /home
    du -h -s /home/your-username
  • All look to be on the 93 GB mark. Yet when I right click on /home and choose properties, it says just over 20 GB, which honestly feels about right. I’m just curious as to the size discrepancy.

  • Hmm…okay…lets check this one out:

    du -h -d 1  /home/mel
  • Bingo! There were a couple of folders that I’d backed up but forgotten to delete. For example…

    • 43G /home/mel/.local.bak

    However, my existing .local folder, is currently over 23 GB. This added to the rest of my /home files amount to a lot more than 20.3 GB. When you right click the /home folder and choose properties, does the used space tally not include hidden files or something?

    As you can see from the attached .jpg, it says used space 20.3/free space 2.9–yet it’s a 100 GB partition. And even after deleting the 43 GB .local.bak, if I right-click my home folder, it still says I only have 2.9 GB free.


    The whole list reads:

    68K /home/mel/.cddb
    6.1M /home/mel/.Skype
    60K /home/mel/VirtualBox VMs
    4.0K /home/mel/Music
    4.0K /home/mel/soundKonverter
    3.7M /home/mel/.adobe
    4.0K /home/mel/Vuze Downloads
    224M /home/mel/.PyCharm40
    632M /home/mel/.config
    1.2M /home/mel/.swt
    18M /home/mel/.kde4.bak
    4.0K /home/mel/.gvfs
    2.1G /home/mel/.cache
    488K /home/mel/workspace
    1.9G /home/mel/Dropbox
    4.0K /home/mel/.wicd
    24K /home/mel/.steam
    12K /home/mel/My Digital Editions
    36M /home/mel/.kodi
    624K /home/mel/.get_iplayer
    32K /home/mel/Finity
    100M /home/mel/.PyCharm50
    12K /home/mel/.dbus
    48K /home/mel/.anomos
    23M /home/mel/Documents
    45M /home/mel/.thumbnails
    24K /home/mel/.yjp
    1.6M /home/mel/.macromedia
    22M /home/mel/.eclipse
    88K /home/mel/.ipython
    25M /home/mel/.azureus
    2.0G /home/mel/.wine
    312K /home/mel/VPN-Firewall
    22M /home/mel/Car Accident
    4.0K /home/mel/.ssh
    8.0K /home/mel/.hplip
    844K /home/mel/RuoVPN
    11M /home/mel/.themes
    4.0K /home/mel/.gnome2_private
    65M /home/mel/.mozilla
    4.0K /home/mel/Public
    4.0K /home/mel/Templates
    40K /home/mel/.gnupg
    965M /home/mel/Desktop
    532K /home/mel/.gimp-2.8
    860K /home/mel/.gstreamer-0.10
    908K /home/mel/VPN
    151M /home/mel/.dropbox-dist
    3.5G /home/mel/Videos
    1.5M /home/mel/PycharmProjects
    36K /home/mel/.pki
    11G /home/mel/Downloads
    2.1M /home/mel/.java
    9.4M /home/mel/Pictures
    8.0K /home/mel/.mplayer
    27G /home/mel/.local
    868M /home/mel/.config.bak
    1.2M /home/mel/.dvdcss
    97M /home/mel/firefox
    48M /home/mel/.nv
    3.3M /home/mel/My Kindle Content
    78M /home/mel/Podcasts
    21M /home/mel/.dropbox
    104K /home/mel/.pip
    312K /home/mel/.kde4
    104M /home/mel/Kodi Backup
    12K /home/mel/.Almin-Soft
    8.0K /home/mel/.gnome2
    217M /home/mel/slimjet
    43G /home/mel/.local.bak
    4.0K /home/mel/.icons
    32K /home/mel/.gnome
    94G /home/mel

  • Okay that explains it then. You just need to reboot your system and the space will show up. The file properties dialogue does not include hidden files, it also has a limit on how far it will recurse. Don’t count on it as the authority on your freespace. Use the commands I provided 😉


    Edit: Just be sure you actually deleted the files and didnt send them to your Trash bin! 😜

  • All fixed! Thanks a bundle lots.0.logs 😄

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