• crash on boot, possible problem with nouveau

    Hello, I’m using Antergos for few months now and until today I haven’t encounter problem that I wasn’t able to solve by searching this forum or Arch wiki. Now I have a problem that I can’t find solution to and I hope that you will help me. I’m in a rush coz it’s my girlfriends laptop that crashed and she’s not happy with the switch to Linux thing, and this situation doesn’t help…

    After typing in the password to the encrypted disk os starts booting and then stops (crashes I guess):
    I have no idea how to copy that, so please forgive me for posting a picture of the laptops screen after freeze:

    I’m using nouveau drivers, but I think I’ll switch to Nvidia (Bumblebee) if we manage to fix that problem.

  • @safian So I managed to fix that, with help from IRC. I added nomodeset to boot options and then I was able to boot. After that I installed NVIDIA drivers and the problem is gone.

  • @safian Man, what did you do for solve it?
    I don’t understand nomodeset yet. Can you put here a screen shot?

    I have a similar problem, and i had install bublebee options, work good but they put intell drivers ever. Good, yes, use optirun.

  • When in grub press e to edit, then in kernel line (one of the last lines in my case) after quiet type nomodeset and then F10 to boot with these settings. I can’t take a screenshot since it’s my gfs laptop and she’s not home.
    I hope someone with more experience will be able to help you, since I’m a total newcomer and I could give you some false information. I think it’s a good idea to make a new topic for your problem since mine is tagged ‘solved’ and people might not look into it.

    The IRC channel is very helpful, if you go there and wait patiently for answer someone will help you :)

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