• Cant Change Lenguage in Gnome 3.18.2

    Hi , i want to change the language of my system from Spanish to English, but Gnome Language & Region settings doesn’t display any other selection option, even if i type English or any other language in it, although the input can be changed…the system language can’t be,any terminal command line to change it?

  • Pressing the three vertical dots in the middle of the dialogue box should give you a number of language optios. No?
    Take a look at this, too.

  • @anarch nop the 3 dot show me anything :(

  • @Alejandro-Dominguez Do you have any locale with a language other than Spanish enabled? Some English locale? Please, share the full output of

    locale -a
  • Gnome ->Settings.
    Look on my screenshots (Romanian default, also English, which is installed mandatory).
    First, Language & Regional menu (upper right)
    0_1452270356053_Captură de ecran din 2016-01-08 18-23-41.png

    Then you will see available languages (first two rows; below are input sources, for keyboard)
    0_1452270494428_Captură de ecran din 2016-01-08 18-24-12.png

    Change/confirm desired one.
    0_1452270537414_Captură de ecran din 2016-01-08 18-24-30.png

    Good luck.

  • Yes, you have to generate the new locale first.
    Let me add here, because you want to change the system language, to make sure that after adding the new language, you have to set it to used for all windows. You can see this by clicking on the options next to the input sources.

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