• [SOLVED] cnchi installation closes - can't find package "p7z"

    When I try to install Antergos using the latest ISO w/ cnchi 0.12.46, it stops after I create the user and let it begin the actual package download/install process. It gives the error: “can’t install necessary packages cnchi can’t continue”. Running from a terminal shows it seems to stop at this line: “metalink.py(124) create(): Can’t find these packages: p7z”. The next line - in part - reads: “Error creating metalink for package p7z. Installation will stop” I believe the rest of the errors seem to stem from that until it goes back to the terminal prompt.

    Can anyone provide a solution for this? Running Antegros live USB 64-bit w/ Gnome 3.18, UEFI install.

  • Solved. Thanks!

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