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    Hey Antergos! I have a small issue that’s limiting my ability to use Linux, and it’s started to get on my nerves a bit.

    I’ve been unable to install the necessary drivers for my Netgear WNDA3100v2 Wireless Adapter to work properly for a while now. I’ve gone through thread after thread online looking for a solution, but nothing has helped. I tried installing the ndiswrapper alone, but when I restarted my system it was unable to boot for some odd reason. I ended up having to completely re-install Antergos, and haven’t messed with anything like that since. I’m more of a hardware savvy man, so could someone please give me some help with this issue? I know that the adapter wasn’t originally created for Linux, but I’m sure there’s some type of solution out there :).

    Best regards, -UDPSticky

  • @udpsticky said:



    Have you tried reinstalling the driver and then rebooting your system?

    sudo pacman -Syyu broadcom-wl
    sudo reboot
  • I would re install the drivers, but that command is also trying to install the Mesa drivers that I had to uninstall to get the nVidia ones. I’ve tried rebooting though, still no change.

  • @udpsticky Please post the output of the command here. Thanks.

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