• Substituting depricated gksu/gksudo with polkit to launch nautilus/gedit as root

    Re: Crashes are occuring during GKSU / GKSUDO usage

    Hey guys, a few months ago I was having crashes running nautilus with gksudo and I made a post about it.

    Karuso informed me that gksudo / gksu is depricated and should be avoided as it hasn’t been updated since 2009. He suggested for me to use pkexec (polkit) to run nautilus.

    I wasn’t able to get it to work, so I just launched nautilus for terminal but I decided to revisit the tip and see if I can get pkexec to work with nautilus.

    I found this article that help: http://www.webupd8.org/2015/03/how-to-run-gedit-and-nautilus-as-root.html

    It seems that pkexec needs a policy kit for whatever application you’re trying to run with it and none are included for nautilus and gedit. Webupd8 made policies for those two apps and they work very well.

    I thought I’d share this with anyone who might have been having this same issue.

  • Excellent! I couldn’t get nautilus or gedit to work previously, so just went back to using gksudo. Instructions on the webupd8 website worked, thanks for the information!

  • Your very welcome! Us chimps got to stick together!

  • @Xler8 since then, I’ve figured out that you can make a policy for any application by taking an existing one and changing the content (such as at least the command line) and saving it as a new policy.

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