• dcadec update issue

    I have just install a fresh antergos installation, using the 2015.12.29 ISO. Right off the bat I’m told that dcadec has an update. However, when ever I try to update it, I get the following message:

    Failed to commit transaction:
    conflicting files:
    dcadec: /usr/lib/libdcadec.so.0 already exists in filesystem.

    Does anyone know how to fix this? The popup telling me it needs to update is starting to bug me.

  • @ace606 Hmm. Interesting. Curiously, it happens in Antergos-Gnome only. It does not happen in Antergos-Budgie, -Mate, -Cinnamon.

    A quick’n’dirty solution for Antergos-Gnome:

    1. Run the command

      sudo mv /usr/lib/libdcadec.so.0 /usr/lib/libdcadec.so.0-backup
    2. Repeat the upgrade

    3. It solved the issue here, a few minutes ago

    Good luck.

  • Here’s the weird thing though. I’m running cinnamon. Not gnome.

    Either way though, that seems to have worked. Thanks for your help.

  • @just its also in kde

  • It works, thanks!

  • Also seeing this issue on Antergos XFCE, where the above solution resolved the issue as well.

  • yes. this happened with me also on kde.

  • Your solution worked for me! I had the same issue in Gnome, just sharing to alert and thanks for the help!!!


  • Problem fixed in Antergos-Gnome. Thank you!

  • Works also in Openbox.

  • Fresh install solve this too.

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