• DPI and resolution problems

    Hey everyone,

    glad to be a part of Antergos community, as I really like this system. I just did a fresh install, and installer set proper resolution 1980x1080 on my BenQ 24" monitor. Also, I am using GNOME desktop.

    But I still have the tiny font on every browser I use, or more precisely, web pages are not stretched enough. You can see an example here:
    0_1452002958507_Screenshot from 2016-01-05 14-53-38.png

    Ofc I tried fixing things, and used command from the Arch Wiki:
    gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor 2

    But this only made things worse, fonts were huge, and I couldn’t use GNOME anymore, so I ended reinstalling the system again.

    If you can help me to improve my browsing experience and eventually fix dpi values, thx in advance

  • Hope I got your question right. I can see you are using Chromium. If you went to its settings and changed the fonts size (eg, I have set mine to "very big , would it help?
    You could also change the magnifying value, from the default 100% to something higher (110%/125% and so on).

  • I have gnome shell on my television and I sit far away, so I also need the fonts, images and general interface to be way bigger. All I did was to install gnome tweak tool, put font scaling to something from 1,5 to 2,0 and things looks good and big enough. I did not need to change font sizes or zoom levels in Chrome but you can to enlarge the fonts specifically in the browser.

    The shell looks better if I scale the fonts rather than change the hdpi settings of the windows in gnome tweak tools.

  • Thank you both for your answers, I managed to solve the issue via Gnome Tweak tools, and in-browser settings.

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