• thunderbird tray icon dissapears sometimes

    installed Thunderbird email client and also installed firetray addon to keep Thunderbird to run in background. no issues with firetray it keeps thunderbird running in background. the problem is sometimes Thunderbird tray icon is not seen in system tray. Thunderbird runs in background but tray icon is not appearing consistently. i also kept thunderbird in autostart. but sometime during one login tray icon appears however if i restart the computer again tray icon is missing. then again if i restart icon appears.

    i remembered same thing used to happen in the past with missing network in the panel but that bug was resolved long back but why now its happening with thunderbird tray icon? sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn’t show.

  • i got it. i think thunderbird firetray icon is in some conflict with system tray notification.

    what i did is
    unlock widgets> go to panel settings> click on system tray settings > when box appears and go to extra items > untick Notifications and done. now thunderbird icon not going missing during start up.

  • Since you didn’t specify your DE I assume that it is Cinnamon. RIght?

  • @herbie said:

    Since you didn’t specify your DE I assume that it is Cinnamon. RIght?

    Since we are un KDE subforum I guess the DE is in fact KDE not cinnamon. Please read better next time.

  • Well fucking excuse me.
    Ban my ass then.

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