• Dual boot OpenSuse with my Antergos - HOW?

    Hi, I have Antergos installed as per the auto set up. How do I get the drive set up for a Dual Boot with OpenSuse? I dont like VM so dont want to go that route. 0_1451787954353_Screenshot from 2016-01-01 14-08-38.png

  • Antergos is in charge of Grub?
    You would need to go to the Open Suse forums and find out from there as that is a different OS. They have something within their installer for installing with NO BOOTLOADER.

    For providing a different partition to install on, you would have to partition the hard drive space that you want to allocate to Open Suse. That particular hard drive needs to be unmounted then.

    You can have Gparted installed on hard dist, yet it can boot through the Live edition (from hard disk ) to partition the disk.
    Gparted live ISO on hard disk
    The Arch Wiki also has some information on having Gparted run from hard disk as live ISO.

  • I know how to use Gparted. What I need to know is how do I repartition the drive to add OpenSuse. For example, I can easily reduce ‘Home’ and create extra space but how do I set up that free space?

  • Hi.
    OK. This is getting really confusing.

    You say you know how to use gparted but you don’t know how to create the free space using it?

    There is a menu.
    Or right click on partition.

  • I know how to partition, I dont know what to do with the new free space to dual boot a 2nd OS. This surely isn’t something new to Antergos users. Have you looked at the attachment?

  • Hello

    Have you asked OpenSuze community what partition Suse need ? or how Suse handle multiboot ?

    I guess you could do something like this, reinstalling both OS and managing partitioning yourself (so no auto partitioning) :


    • SDx1 /boot (Let one of the OS to handle GRUB2 install but link this partion to both OS)
    • SDx2 SWAP (Common to both OS)
    • SDx3
      – SDx4 / (Antergos Root)
      – SDx5 / (OpenSuse Root)
      – SDx6 /home (Common to both OS)

    Can some one correct me if I’m wrong ?

  • Well that was crazy easy. As I suspected, resizing ‘Home’ to give me 100Gb of free space, then expanding the extended partition to fill the free space was all that was needed. OpenSuse identified the available space & installed to it,

    I now have Antergos & OpenSuse on a dual boot (partition sizes are not perfect but work fine) as per the attachment0_1451975707147_Screenshot from 2016-01-05 14-28-39.png

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