• No sound for VLC and GNOME Music

    I don’t know what happened today but I just can’t hear any sound from either VLC or GNOME Music. The system sounds or Spotify are okay. I’ve already checked and the apps are not muted or anything like that. A quick google search suggested reinstalling all the alsa and pulseaudio stuff, but they’re dependencies for a lot of other stuff, so I can’t do just that. Any ideas?

  • There is some info on this thread here that I participated in. Please read it first and see if the solutions from this apply to you.

  • Okay, sorry for not responding to this topic sooner. I just fixed the issue.

    First thing I tried was uninstalling the pulseaudio-alsa package, which also removed cinnamon, as cinnamon depends on the package. So I reinstalled Cinnamon and the sound still didn’t work.

    So I went root and did a “killall pulseaudio”, then went back to my user and deleted the folder ~/.config/pulse and after I rebooted the system the sound was working again on both VLC and GNOME Music.

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