• Systemd doesn't detect newly installed kernel

    I recently installed a custom kernel from AUR using Yaourt. The compilation finished with no errors and it installed fine, however, when I boot my computer and I press “space” to show the Systemd boot menu I only get the option to boot the default kernel (Antergos, Antergos fallback and Boot default kernel). uname -a (I’m so noob that I don’t know how to put the code) tells me that I’m using the default Arch kernel.

    Question: How can I change which kernel boots by default? Or how can i make Systemd detect the new kernel?

    Additional info:
    I installed Antergos using the Systemd-boot option so I don’t have Grub installed.
    I dual boot with Windows 10 using the UEFI boot loader

  • Nvm… I solved it…
    Thanks for the help anyway…

  • Ooooookkkkkk. Now could you please tell us how you fixed it. I don’t have the problem but someone else might later on and …
    I think you get my drift. lol

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