• Cnchi Stuck at "Installation Summary"

    0_1451601295515_Screenshot from 2015-12-31 22-34-46.png

  • Hi,

    Please post the full installer log (you can find it in the /tmp directory): http://paste2.org

  • i can confirm there was graphical errors on the install summary area. sorry @lots-0-logs i didnt grab my log. my bad 😞

  • I just went all the way through it in Virtualbox and didnt see any issues. I need the logs from someone who can reproduce the issue in order to identify and resolve it.


  • @lots-0-logs , look here for similar issues, with blank windows.

  • I’m having the same error, I’ve attached some logs. This is when using the 2016.02.03-x86_64.iso “testing”.0_1454781467311_logs.tar

  • Same for me unfortunately…blank page at summary after coosen mount points…

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