• Caja in thumbnailing mode causes high CPU activity

    When I open Caja and look at a folder with picture/video media inside, my CPU activity on all eight cores jumps up to 45-50 percent and stays like that until I either shut down Caja or navigate to a folder not containing picture/video media. The issue seems to be with totem-video-thumbnailer. My question is (a) is this a known bug, and (b) is there a way I can set Caja to use a different thumbnailer? Currently, I’m using Thunar which appears to use a different thumbnailer, but I’d really like to use Caja if possible.

  • My only advice as an non-Mate user is try to install / reinstall pacman -S ffmpegthumbnailer and delete Caja’s cache.

    Also, look for grilo-plugins package, which is a dependency of grilo, package used by Totem (i suppose you have new Totem, rebranded as Gnome Video ?). Those plugins use tracker, which is an indexer and CPU killer (check for tracker on daemon / services list).

  • Initial results look promising. I’ll run everything for 24 hours or so to see how it pans out, and if everything seems to be running fine, I’ll be back to mark the thread solved. Thank you, Roberto.

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