• Can pacman sync only packages older than a specified number of days/weeks?

    When I upgrade my system with pacman, is it possible to only sync packages older than a specified number of days/weeks? I am thinking that maybe I do not need new packages as soon as they come out and that it would bring a little more stability to wait a couple of weeks before installing. Not that I have had been having any issues with stability yet, this is more of a pre-emptive thought.

  • I am not sure you can do that but you may look at the Arch Linux Rollback Machine. And if you are confortable enough I’m sure you can do a bash script that will with the ARM to set it to a date automatickly. And run it with a cronjob each time you want.


    fir exemple evry month the 5th your cronjob lunch your script edit pacman repository list at today date minus one month. So for one moth you will use the repos as they were the 5th of the previous month.

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