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    I can’t remember if this has been asked before but do we have access to any software in the repository that will automatically find and configure all of our drives for us? This would include linux and windows partitions. I recently had to reinstall antergos but I had an old disc so I installed Manjaro first. The one thing I liked about Manjaro is that it flawlessly identified all drives, configured them and placed shortcuts on the desktop. With Antergos I have to dig for them. There me be software to make this process easier, right?

    It appears that ntfs-3g is installed by default on antergos but I cannot seem to locate it. I have used this app on windows and it works well and it seems that I may have used it on manjaro too. Does anyone know where it’s buried?

  • hi @linux_mark
    you can use the find command to determine it’s location.

    find /usr/ -name "ntfs-3g"


    find /* -name "ntfs-3g"

    man find

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  • Modisc, thanks for your help. While searching for a solution I figured out that what I was looking for was ntfs-config. It just took all of 30 seconds to install and another two minutes to configure. Cheers and thanks.

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