• Unable to re-install Antergos

    Hi Everyone,
    I installed Antergos in a dual boot mode (Antergos + Windows 8 ) on Dell Latitude 7350.
    As Windows eats too much memory away I would like to reinstall Antergos letting it occupy all the SSD memory and then reinstalling Windows on a smaller partition (created, for instance, using GParted).
    I’m now trying to reinstall Antergos via USB but when I get to booting options this screen appears:

    Boot mode is set to: UEFI; Secure Boot: OFF
        Windows Boot Manager
        UEFI: SK hynix SC300 M.2 2280 256GB
        UEFI: SanDisk  
        BIOS Setup
        BIOS Flash Update
        Change Boot Mode Settings

    When I choose UEFI: SanDisk, as I copied here .iso file, I get another screen:

    Antergos x86_64 UEFI CD
    UEFI Shell x86_64 v1
    UEFI Shell x86_64 v2
    EFI Default Loader
    Reboot Into Firmware Interface

    and when I choose Antergos x86_64 UEFI CD I just have a white blank screen and nothing happens.



  • Wich sotfware do you use to do you Bootable USB ?

  • Hi @nekosan ,
    I do not know how to post a link here (it says my post wiull be flagged as a spam if I try).
    Anyway I downloaded the iso file from Antergos website and created a bootable usb following the instructions reported on Antergos site itself (not UNetbooting adn other softwares but from CLI).


  • @MatteP This issue has been fixed in the ISO scripts. The fix will be included in the next ISO Refresh. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • @MatteP said:

    …I would like to reinstall Antergos letting it occupy all the SSD memory and then reinstalling Windows on a smaller partition…

    Just a note. Installing Windows as a 2nd, 3rd, Nth OS is not a good idea. Windows believes to be the only OS existing on the planet Earth, and doesn’t take into account other OS that may be installed on a computer. Like Linux does.

    If you want to keep Windows, follow the rule of three F. Windows must be installed:

    • as First operating system
    • on the First physical disk
    • in the First partition on it

    This will prevent Windows from destroying everything already installed in the system.

  • @just I would also add to use Windows Disk Management for shrinking the volumes too. Windows is super picky with partitions.

  • However, I have never had any issues using gparted, so far. And never had to use the bakups, either…

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