• my samba service is invisible

    I am a recent convert from mint, And so far, antergos seems like the comfiest distro ever.

    So i wanted to start samba sharing.
    i installed samba, and a GUI config package. my antergos machine can see the other computers, it can read and write their shared files
    However, the other clients on the network cannot see the Samba service from my antergos machine.

    Enabling sharing of a folder in dolphin completes without error. if i smb://1001px into the location bar of a client’s dolphin, i see the shared folders, and all the access works correctly.
    it’s just that the antergos machine stays invisible on the workgroup. when browsing. doesn’t even list on smbtree

  • Hi,

    Check your smb.conf (domain logons, domain master and local master)

    Reference: https://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/manpages-3/smb.conf.5.html


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